12' Foot Balloon Garland

12' Foot Balloon Garland


Accent any party , room, or doorway with easy installation of our 12 foot balloon garland delivered to your next celebration. Installation fee not included in pricing, comes with an easy 1-2-3 installation kit and guide for set-up under 30 minutes!


Garland Includes:

  • 3 different sized balloons arranged in either color clusters or mixed colors
  • Garlands made to last (Indoor Use Recommended)

The balloons will stay inflated, but will oxidize over time. They will change to a matte like finish. No guarantee if used outdoors, add "double stuffing" for a more durable finish.


Once the order has been placed one of our team members will reach out to get some more information about your celebration and any other details. Start the process by filling out our general information form.


Not the right fit? No worries! Fill out our contact form to receive assistance from one of our event planner in co-creating your next celebration or call: (702) 626-8895.


  • Delivery Information

    Balloons will be delivered in a bag to protect the balloons unless client specifies otherwise. Delivery will be made within the hour you choose (1HR delivery timeframe).

  • Hotel Room INFO

    30-45 Minute Set-Up. Set up is not available prior to check-in. Most check-ins occur after 3PM, please be mindful of your check-in prior to booking with us. Client can add our decorator to the guest list where we can receive a key from the lobby.

    Surprise for him/her? No worries! We recommend you book your time during your dinner reservation or when heading into the city and meeting in "secret" (bathroom break!) to drop off a room key with our decorator. We'll send text updates, before and after pictures, and ensure our client's and team members safety. Hoensty and trust is our top priority.