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5 Halloween Bachelorette Ideas to put your Single Life to Rest

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

No bachelorette is ever ready to plan until a good theme is chosen, so we’ve checked ever nook and cranny to bring you the best Boo-elorette's for your farewell to the the single life!

1. Boo's Before I Do's

For the Bride with a girly gothic touch try this ghoulish theme with a sprinkle of disco to make this retro Halloween bachelorette one of a kind. Color palette of pastels, silver, and black will make the look!

2. Miss to Mr's with all my Witches

This theme is sure to make your witchy Bride cackle in delight with a wide range of spooky delights to offer the bridal coven. Use the color palette burgundy, silver, black, and, white to create the perfect look!

3. Til Death Do Us Party

A rather popular theme currently popularized from Kourtney Kardashian's engagement to Travis Baker, add a dash of pink to surprise your vintage gothic bride. Create this look with a color scheme consisting of hot pink, white, black, and gold.

4. Bride or Die

Both "Bride or Die" and "Til Death Do Us Party" can be intermingled to fit your gothic style boo-chelorette. Perfect theme for the rocking bride to have her last single tour. A great color mix of black, silver, and a dash of pink.

5. RIP to the Single Life

What's a better way to pre-game before the wedding than to host a funeral to the Bride's single life! Say goodbye to the single life with a burgundy, black, silver, white, or black color palette and some vampire fangs, cause the only thing this spooky bride will be a bloody mary!

However you celebrate make sure to have fun, drink responsibly, and have your bridesmaid take LOTS and LOTS of pictures!

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